The Shuster Group is a leading real estate development company. Founder and CEO, Eyal Shuster has established his life, family, and company in the very city he continues to develop: Jersey City. Mr. Shuster began his career in construction and realized his expertise had the potential to transform communities for the better. The Shuster Group transforms aspirations into reality, brick-by-brick, nail-by-nail, conversation-by-conversation. The Shuster Group embraces the challenge of change and passionately works to create viable neighborhoods through implementing a long-term vision of community building for the betterment of the world’s most important asset: people.

Shuster Development

Equal Opportunity Housing

Sponsor: 160 First Street Urban Renewal LLC, Jersey City, NJ, 07302. The artist representation and interior decorations, finishes, appliances and furnishings contained herein are provided for illustrative purposes only. Sponsor makes no representation of warranties except as may be set forth in the Public Offering Statement. The complete offering terms are in the Public Offering Statement available from Sponsor.